Campeche, Mexico

Campeche, Mexico

The history of Campeche, lazing on the Gulf of Mexico, reads like a chapter in Pirates' Own Adventure. Raid after raid from the sea finally saw the Spanish build impressive stone fortifications. Campeche was the eastern mainland port on the (previously-unknown-to-me) trade route that connected Spain to its colonies in Cuba, Mexico and the Philipines. For reference, Aculpolco, was the Mexican port on the Pacific.

I was in town during the Carnival celebrations. So in between my wanderings, I spectated the parades. This crew was doing a pretty good Wednesday dance.

Carnival participants do the Wednesday dance.

Modernist Architecture of Campeche

While I love the colonial streets of the old town, now filled with bars and restaurants with patios that completely take over the cobblestone streets, I also love the mondernist buildings. When built their clean lines would have been matched with gleaming surfaces. Time, humidity and salt in the sea breeze have aged many nicely. Both styles are imposing and grand.

Fort San Miguel

Archaelogical Museum

Many of the forts that once protected the city have been converted into museums. The Campeche Archaeological Museum at Fort San Miguel is a particularly excellent example. The pieces of Mayan art and sculpture here are mind blowing.

Next Stop: Palenque. Join me as I leave the Gulf of Mexico and head inland to the jungles and the Mayan ruin of Palenque.