Merida: Roads and Architecture

A wide angle panorama shows the Mérida cathedral, pre-concert, Plaza Grande and historic building.

This gallery page is a real grab bag of this and that. You'll find  historic churches, random signage and modernist buildings. Some grand and others more humble. The one thing I tried to avoid was people — Instagram, this is not 😏. Enjoy the bricks and stucco!

Merida Churches, Squares, Mansions

The Great and the Good

Merida Shapes and Patterns

Avenida Colón, Merida

Having enjoyed morning, afternoon and evening strolls along the grand Paseo de Montejo, which promenades north from the old centre and shows off the wealth of the city's 19th-century elite, I took a left and kept going along Avenida Colón. Home to many grand... homes, like the most excellent mansion I could not help giving a bit of a design treatment.

Parque de las Américas

Avenida Colón runs west to the fantastic Parque de las Américas. The Parque de las Américas is an interesting inner suburban oasis. Totally different from the Plaza Grande, it is clearly a product of its time. The Modernist architecture of the library meshes with the nationalist tone it's sharing. The fountain, across the road is another example of Mayan-modern.

For the curious, read more about Joe Marti, for whom the library is named.

José Martí - Wikipedia

Santiago, Merida | Home

I was staying in the Santiago region. The Santiago market is a great, approachable market where you can buy meat and veggies until the early afternoon. It's also home to a variety of taco stalls producing local Yucatan specialties like panuchos.

Calle 55 in Mérida, Mexico.

I took this panorama shot at the end of my block. Herbie the VW bug was parked in front of my apartment. Don't get hung up on peeling paint, I think it adds character. Mérida is an insanely safe city. While it won't win any awards, I kept the photo because I was impressed with what my phone delivered.