Mérida, Yucatan | 2023

Unispiring photo of the Mérida sign at Plaza Grande.

Mérida is a great city. It's historic center is both busy and dusty and also bright and constantly being restored. When I first came here fifteen years ago, it did not have this punch.

While there are still many, many side streets funneling many fast-moving vehicles  coughing out (a lot) of exhaust, the Plaza Grande has maintained its calm, if not become even more of an oasis.

Every Monday night, local folk dancers and musicians put on a show. In 2008 I remember it in the centre of the plaza. Now, the city shuts down a road and it's performed in front of the Palacio Municipal.

And while the Plaza Grande is a nice place to visit, or catch some shade if you're walking through, it's by no means my favourite place in the city. I really enjoy just setting off and following architecturally interesting streets into the horizon. You can see some of my street photos in the next post.